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The top 10 species most endangered

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) published the ten species in danger of extinction due to climate change & Poaching
This is the list:

1) The polar bear

First place is occupied by the polar bear as a species could disappear within 50 years if, as expected, continue to shrink the Arctic ice sheets. The layer of Arctic sea ice is melting at an average of 9% every decade.

According to these estimates, the Arctic could lose its summer ice mass in the middle of this century.

Polar bears are a species that depends entirely on the existence of the frozen sea. The bears use the ice as a floating platform from which to hunt seals. At present there are only 20,000 to 25,000.

2) The Bengal tiger

The second most endangered animal is the Bengal tiger, which inhabits mangroves between Bangladesh and India. The Indian or Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) is, after the Siberian tiger, the second largest species of tiger in the world.

Due to annual growth of 4 millimeters of sea level, 70% of the habitat of this cat could be lost by 2060. His current situation is alarming and that is why new reserves were created for preservation in India.

3) Corals

In the third place in the list are corals, of which 80% could disappear within decades. A report published in the journal Science shows that one third of coral reefs are endangered.

The study identifies 231 species threatened with extinction, endangered or vulnerable. "It's discouraging, because when the corals die, the same thing happens to a lot of plants and animals that depend on them for food or protection, which can lead to the collapse of entire ecosystems," said Kent Carpenter, lead author of the report

4) The Kangaroo
Thanks to global warming, the most emblematic species of Australia, kangaroos could disappear within a few years. It estimates that if temperatures rise by two degrees, one species irrevocably extinguished, and the general population of kangaroos will suffer a noticeable drop.

5) The Whale
Commercial hunting and his "investigation", maritime traffic, pollution of the seas, climate change and phenomena such as "El Niño" or "La Niña" threaten the lives of whales in the world.

Its species are more committed: the humpback, blue, open, short, and sei whale.

6) The Penguins
The four main species of penguins living in Antarctica are threatened with extinction because of global warming.

Warming five times faster in Antarctica than in the rest of the planet. This means, paradoxically, more abundant snow avalanches that disrupt the lifestyle of some penguins.

7) The Sea Turtle

Commercial fishing and the destruction by man of the nesting areas on beaches threaten to destroy a species that takes 150 million years ago inhabiting the Earth

The current decline in the number of sea turtles in the Pacific is an example of increased

extinction of a population of animals seen for many years. His disappearance is almost as fast as the extinction of the bison in North America in the nineteenth century

8) The orangutan

The eighth position is occupied by the orangutan. In Indonesia two inhabited islands of this ape, climate change causes increased rainfall during the rainy season and fires in the drought. Orangutans, because slugs often surprised by forest fires perish.

9) The Elephant

While climate change and deforestation are to blame for the species on this list, the main enemy of their ivory elephant remains.

This is a very appreciated by people who have no regard for elephants, only make good money selling the ivory black market, so that the extinction of the species may be closer than you think.

10) The albatross

19 of the 21 species of this animal are endangered worldwide, the highest proportion of endangered species in the family of birds.

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